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Have you always wanted to play killer piano chords, but never knew how to put them together? How about that favorite song full of chords where you wish you knew what was being played, but had no clue on how to put the chord progressions together? Ever wish you could show off some phat chords or scales but just didn’t understand the concept to do it? Then you are like every other piano player out there, working hard to learn music theory and perfect their craft, but just need a little push in the right direction. That’s where we come in. Fat Chords was designed to help the everyday piano player to become an extra ordinary player. This blog will show you phat tricks and skills you can use in your sessions or church, and help make your sound much fuller. It doesn’t matter what level you’re on, or if you just started to learn to play chord progressions. If you’re looking to play the hottest new songs out, but need the chords and bass to do so, just do a search, or use the “Contact” form asking for help. Find the best chord progressions that you need to play that jazz, rock, gospel, country, blues or R&B song . All for free! Just register and become a member. Here are some of the perks for being a member of Fat Chords.

• Watch video training demonstrations!

• Learn music theory and scales!

• Free piano tutorials!

• Free piano songs broken down!

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